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RT @elpais_america: Río de Janeiro bars poor black youths from its most famous beaches http://t.co/7lFuZ5B4jp
- sexta-feira ago 28 - 5:51pm

Our Day 16 #NasciNoVidigal #BornInVidigal story features: Gabriel. Read his story here: http://t.co/SXj1up3oFk http://t.co/ZfygNW3XWa
- sexta-feira ago 28 - 5:22pm

RT @DRobertson1231: Check out this article I co-authored for @RioOnWatch about #housing in the #port area of #Rio! #RioDeJaneiro https://t.…
- sexta-feira ago 28 - 3:33pm

Cadê o Parque Municipal da Serra da Misericórdia? P/ @avarosehoffman http://t.co/Yp9sW7qLTj http://t.co/qJgk0fZYbg
- sexta-feira ago 28 - 2:18pm

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